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Safety Window Films for Tinting

Bomb Blasts, Terrorist Activity and
Burglary/Street Crime
are all a fact of life today

At Brian's Window Tinting for Safety, we carry Armorcoat Security Window Films. Brian's Safety Window Tinting services have access to the best Security and Solar Window Film Manufacturers.

Safety and Security Window Films applied to your windows can cut your risk of personal injury, property damage and theft. The idea behind protective window tint is simple: You can't stop windows from breaking, but you can lessen the chance that glass fragments will fly about like deadly missiles

Whatever the reason for glass failure - an accident, a hurricane, an earthquake, a tornado, a terrorist bomb, or a burglary - safety tint window films help hold glass shards together, improving both safety and security and decreasing personal injury and property damage.

Technology you can't see, but you can trust. Security window tinting is a transparent, high-efficiency micro-thin window film that is bonded to glass with a specially formulated adhesive. Glass and film virtually become one, and a barrier is created on the inside of your windows that helps contain flying glass shards if windows are shattered by accidental or intentional impact, explosive pressure, or the force of high, driving winds.

Protective window tinting can make a dangerous world safer.

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