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Safety Window Films for Tinting

Protective tint can steal the rewards of "smash and grab" theft.

Burglars and looters depend upon speed. Smash a window, grab the merchandise and go before the police can arrive. A protective tint window is harder to break through and more likely to stay intact when smashed, making entry difficult and stealing thieves' most precious commodity-time. They'll probably leave empty-handed.

Protective tint reduces the danger of natural disasters.

When hurricanes, high winds or tornadoes shatter glass, the flying and falling fragments can become deadly. And once its glass barrier is breached, a buildings interior is then vulnerable to rain, water damage and flying debris, too. protective tint helps keep deadly glass shards in place, lessens water damage and reduces liability.

Protective tint curtails the effects of industrial accidents and explosions.

People and equipment can suffer serious injury from glass shards when chemicals, fuel or escaping gas explodes. By reducing damages and injuries, protective tint also reduces medical bills and insurance costs.

Protective tint lessens the impact of terrorism and violence.

Bombings, riots and civil upheaval often target public buildings and certain commercial institutions. Protective tint film greatly reduces the likelihood that occupants will be injured by flying glass. They feel more secure and have greater peace of mind.

Other useful applications for protective tint safety window film.

  • Control of UV fading and degradation
  • Reduction of solar gain and heat loss
  • Protection against graffiti

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